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It is the first health credit card in the country in partnership with Visa and Union Bank of the Philippines. As a health credit card, it is the only one in the market that offers a Medical Rewards Program wherein credit cardholder can earn 1 rewards point for every P20 spend and use the points to avail of medical services such as laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures in any of the accredited hospitals and diagnostic clinics of MedAsia nationwide.

In addition, the MedAsia credit card provides for 10% year round discount on healthcare plans and Medriks for straight payment and 0% interest on 3 or 6 months installment terms. It also serves to address the need of credit cardholders for financial assistance to pay hospitals and other healthcare facilities for medical utilization not covered by their existing medical insurance policy and enjoy the convenience of settling the amount on installment terms with applicable interest rates.

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As a healthcare management specialist company, MedAsia believes that a comprehensive healthcare program is not entirely medical but should also consist of dental benefits to cover for ailments concerning dental structures and its functionality without eliminating the value of prevention.

It is for this reason that MedAsia Phils. established its own network of more than 600 accredited dentists nationwide, providing our valued members with professional services based dental plan limits on a cashless basis. In addition, company clients enjoy the convenience of a ONE MEMBERSHIP CARD SYSTEM for healthcare insurance policy that provides for a comprehensive medical and dental benefits.

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IMAS is a breakthrough in medical program implementation which integrates essential components such as network of accredited healthcare service providers and facilities, medical accounting/financial systems and information technology.

The system provides medical insurance companies and companies with self-insurance CASHLESS access to our accredited network of doctors/dentists of various specialization, hospitals and ambulatory diagnostic facilities nationwide. It also provides various services to ensure cost effective implementation of medical insurance program such as medical claims processing, centralized payment facility and a 24/7 Operations Center to assist members during actual availment of their medical/dental benefits.

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The MedAccess Privilege Card was developed in response to the increasing cost of healthcare that renders people to take their health for granted. As a basic need of an individual, we believe that everybody should have access to healthcare and not only for those who can afford it. 

The card encourages members to be health conscious in a preventive manner by providing them a COST EFFECTIVE, QUALITY healthcare system through our network of accredited medical specialists and ambulatory laboratory/diagnostic facilities. 

In addition, the card entitles the member to our accredited ambulatory diagnostic facilities and a fixed consultation rate of P350.00 with our accredited medical specialists on cash basis.

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In line with our thrust to promote good health, MedAsia has developed the Preventive Healthcare Program. The program utilizes the expertise of our team of registered nutritionist-dietitians that will complement our network of accredited medical specialists and laboratory/diagnostic facilities in our sincere desire to make prevention a way of life.               

As a valued member, you can have access to our nutritionist-dietitians for the following services at a reasonable rate: diet counseling, nutrition education, seminars or awareness programs on healthy lifestyle, cooking demonstrations on healthy/therapeutic meals, personalized cooking instruction of therapeutic/healthy meals at home and delivery of therapeutic meals and low calorie meals for weight loss.

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This program was developed to address the needs of our less fortunate fellowmen for basic healthcare. We believe that healthcare should be a right of every citizen and not a privilege of the few.

It integrates various aspects such as professional care services, institutions and facilities that will provide members basic healthcare services. The members are enrolled together with a corresponding medical utilization fund which is administered for them by MedAsia based on certain guidelines to ensure that all members will have equal medical benefits. 

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MedAsia believes that once access to medical services is established, there is really no reason for anyone to be deprived of that much needed healthcare.The referral system within our network of doctors and laboratory/diagnostic facilities will provide our members access to the lowest possible rate of healthcare services for a cost effective medical management.  

The program accommodates members who would like to seek second opinion to a medical specialist for a certain condition they have been diagnosed with. As such, our members are provided with the opinion of another competent doctor and thus be  assured of a well established diagnosis and the most appropriate and effective treatment.

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Our experience in healthcare program management and administration, accounting and finance, marketing and information technology allow us to accommodate clients in their desire to provide themselves with medical services that is within their budget without compromising quality and convenience.

Healthcare, as basic as it may seem, will be distinctly provided by MedAsia Philippines by developing affordable and cost effective medical programs utilizing our established network of medical specialists and laboratory/diagnostic facilities. In addition, the company can provide services such as clinic management for doctors in group medical practice and as administrator of medical funds for established organization with strict adherence to its implementing guidelines.

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